Our Smalltalk Expertise

From its founding in 1994, Imageware Corporation has served many clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise includes Object Oriented Analysis and Design and software development using the Smalltalk language. We have used all major Smalltalk dialects, and are thoroughly familiar with the language, the various development tools, and dialect-specific installation and deployment requirements.


As image-based development and runtime environments, Smalltalk implementations offer many benefits - increased productivity and immersive development experience being among the most well known. The less conventional deployment scenarios also provide a barrier against common vulnerability scanning techniques and exploits. However, no system is absolutely secure. Our vast experience with Smalltalk, coupled with expertise in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, makes us uniquely qualified to perform cybersecurity engagements for clients who include any Smalltalk dialect in their development and runtime environments.

We constantly engage in Smalltalk-specific security research. We apply information security best practices in reporting our findings to Smalltalk vendors and responsibly disclosing them to public.

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