How secure are your systems?

How secure are your systems?

Are they vulnerable to attacks? Are they leaking bits for the outside world to see? Are your employees following proper security procedures?
Let us safely find out before the bad guys do...
We are a boutique cybersecurity company specializing in Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Security Awareness programs.

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Privacy & Security Conference 2020

After a very successful workshop at the 2019 P&S Conference, Dr. Alena Kottova has been invited back to run a Cybersecurity Awareness workshop at the 21st annual Privacy and Security Conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

In this workshop Alena will investigate the cultural changes required to secure our living in the digital world.


ESUG 2019 Conference

Imageware Corporation founder Jerry Kott, OSCP will present at the 27th ESUG conference in Cologne, Germany. His presentation is titled Onion and Swiss Cheese - Security Revisited with a special focus on the security of the Smalltalk programming language, the Smalltalk IDEs, and deployed Smalltalk applications.


Privacy & Security Conference 2019

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Alena Kottova of Imageware Corporation will be conducting a workshop titled YOU are the Alpha and Omega of a secure future at the 20th annual Privacy and Security Conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

For the past 20 years, the Privacy and Security Conference has been the number one conference on the issues of privacy and security globally. Presented by the Offices of the CIO and Corporate Information and Records Management, Ministry of Citizens' Services, Province of British Columbia, this three-day conference attracts over 1000 delegates and 100 international subject matter experts.

In the workshop Alena will guide the participatns to explore, understand and practice their role in advancing a positive cybersecurity culture.